5 Morning Tips For A Healthier Life

SerenityMorning is the most essential part of the day because it actively affects your entire routine. Having a good morning allows one to enjoy the whole day. Recent experiments have showed that the key to having a successful and healthy life is to start every day positively. Here are a few methods to make everyday a good one.

1.Take some alone time

Taking some time for thinking in the morning makes one more creative, and also increases the mental health, according to recent studies. One of the most effective ways to do that is through open-minded meditation. This is when you do not just think about a specific object, or a situation or anything specific at all, but let yourself open to anything that floats in your mind. Research has shown that people who practice open-minded meditation generate more creativity than most people. One should especially avoid thinking about any specific tasks, such as checking the mail, creating a memo, calling work, when he/she wakes up. This not only destroys creativity, but also makes one feel dull during the whole day.

2.Don’t rush to get up

Research has shown that the amount of sleep one gets does not affect one’s day as much as the way that he/she wakes up. If one rushes into things when waking up, it causes the brain to overwork itself, and although there may be a slight adrenaline rush at the time of waking, after some time the brain becomes tired and so the body feels lethargic. It is best to set the alarm at least 30 minutes before time, so that one has ample time to wake up. It is also preferable to drink coffee at the start of each day. Drinking coffee helps in revitalizing the brain, and makes one more active for the rest of the day.


Exercising helps greatly in refreshing the brain and keeping one active for the day. Not only does it help in keeping one healthy, the release of endorphins during sleep also help in regulating the blood flow, as well as breaking the monotony of working all day, making one more creative throughout the day. Playing recreational sports early morning, or even jogging for 1-2 hours, can greatly help in increasing energy levels for the rest of the day. It is preferable to take a cold shower after exercising, to relieve the muscles of any pain experienced after the workout.

4.Reduce the choices in mornings

Life is too short to keep choosing between different forms of attire, as well as the type of breakfast, as it not only wastes time, but also precious brain power that one may use for creative purposes. All major figures, such as the president of US, Barack Obama, as well as the creator of Facebook, prefer to have low number of choices during the morning because of the same reason.

5.Create a routine

One of the best things to do to keep yourself healthy is to have a proper routine for the whole day. Creating a routine not only helps in using time responsibly, but also helps make time for the things that are important, and to limit those that are not. Creating a routine may be easy, but sticking to one is something far more difficult. There are a number of excuses one may come up with, but one should realize that he/she is cheating on himself/herself, rather than anyone else.

You should keep the above practices in mind during the start of everyday. Putting these practices to use will not only help in keeping you healthier, active and positive throughout the day, but will also boost your creativity and productivity.

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