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biomat-4-webThe BioMat is a state of the art Therapeutic Medical Device that delivers Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and Negative Ions (NI), relieving pain and improving the immune system. The rays are beamed 4-6 inches deep into the body, resonating with the cells and making the whole body feel charged and energized.

Far Infrared Rays: The FIR elevate the core body temperature and promote circulation, invigorate cellular activity and assist in removal of toxins and metabolic waste. Through the expansion of the blood vessels, a greater volume of oxygen is brought to the joints and extremities speeding recovery from injury, fatigue or surgery. The circulation and oxygenation relaxes muscles and reduces inflammation of muscle tissue and joints.

Negative Ions (IN): In bodies of water negative ions (NI) are drawn to the surface while positive ions sink. When water moves as in wbiomat-3-webaves or in waterfalls, the negative ions near the surface are blowing off into the air. The abundance of NI generate a feeling of wellbeing in people. The BioMat supplies an abundance of negative ions to the body stimulating the same effect.

Amethyst Crystals: The BioMat is layered with Amethyst crystals which are naturally emits FIR. Amethyst crystals have been used for healing in many parts of the world.

The BioMat’s combination of FIR and NI traveling through a matrix of Amethyst crystals deliver a unique healing system which brings the body into biological balance.