Value of Animal love

By January 10, 2016Depression, Stress Management

Can a dog or cat bring serious cheers to your life?

cat and dog sleeping togetherAnimal love is important for humans. Pets such as cats and dogs can impact our lives in multifold ways, keeping us psychologically, physically and emotionally positive, active and healthy.


Here’s how:

They support us

It is specifically true for a family who is living alone, or a person who is parted with loved ones due to work or education. Keeping a dog or a cat in such a case can greatly influence a person’s level of happiness by keeping him or her from feeling desolate and lonely.

They are good companion

If you’re finding a good friend and a companion for yourself with less drama, girl with cat you need to settle on getting a dog or a cat. These two have been and still are considered the best option for spending time with. Moreover, a cat or a dog provide affection and love to you the whole day by asking nothing in return, except for some love, shelter, food and fun from you. Animals love you no matter what.

They are a confidence booster

It is true that getting a dog or a cat can greatly influence you by building up your self-esteem, confidence, positivity, etc.  According to a few studies, those people who owned a cat or a dog scored higher than those who didn’t.

Living with a pet means babysitting it all the time, and by successfully parenting a cat or dog, you daily remind yourself that you’re capable of doing so much more.

They keep you physical activity

Man with his dog It has been proven from studies that cats and dogs require at least 25 minutes of physical exercise a day and the same research further revealed that technically, humans also require the same amount. Therefore, people owning a cat or dog are 45 percent more likely to meet the needs of their daily exercise or workout plans.

Always remember that to owning an animal such as a cat or dog means you have a great alternative way to get some emotional, mental and physical strength as a cat and a dog can fill that gap in your life where people fail to do so. You should also know that a cat or a dog as a pet should be kept for life so be sure to make lifelong commitment before getting one. After all it is worth doing so.


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