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Cherries do well everywhere — on the cake, in a fruit salad and on a tart. Their beautiful color and delicious taste is indeed great, but their nutritional value far outweighs these superficial factors. This fruit is a super food because it’s jam-packed with antioxidants and vitamins.

There are many more reasons why cherries are good for you.

  1. They burn your fat

Surprisingly, eating a handful of cherries everyday revs up your metabolism and helps you burn fat faster. Read More

Does spinach cause kidney stones?

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What does spinach have in common with potato chips and rhubarb? If you guessed high levels of oxalate, you would be correct. Read on, if you want to know more about it and how it might be impacting your health negatively.

Strangely, many of the high oxalate foods are actually what we consider healthy foods. They are primarily found in plant foods, such as vegetables (spinach, broccoli, carrots, celery, etc.), fruits (most berries, oranges, figs, etc.), grains (wheat, etc.), legumes, spices, herbs and almost all nuts and seeds. Read More

5 Tips for Safer Cell Phone Usage

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If you are like me, you are in close proximity to your cell phone 24 hours a day (it’s on my nightstand, when I am asleep). There is quite a bit of controversy on this topic, but one thing is for sure, there is a lack of research and coverage on the subject. The result is that there are few definitive answers at this point.
Radio frequency energy is a form of non-ionizing radiation given off by cell phones, WI-FI routers, baby monitors and many other devices. Studies have linked electromagnetic radiation from the long-term use to an increased risk of brain cancer, and other health problems. Read More

5 Ways To Limit Your Fluoride Intake (and why you should)

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Smiling childRecently I came across the topic of fluoridation of our drinking water (again). This is a hot button topic and there are many differing opinions on the subject, specifically what level is safe, if any. The issue is that most of us consume fluoride without even knowing it and with little control over how much we are ingesting. Read More

A Misconception about Detoxification

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muscle relaxationAre you feeling sluggish, bloated, can’t sleep, have digestive upset, headaches?

With all the information circling online, in magazines and health food stores you likely will start thinking you may be carrying too many toxins and need a serious detox program.
There is no shortage of products that promise to do just that from Detox smoothies and teas to Liver cleanses of all kinds, the options are endless and can sometimes cause more harm than good, especially when unsupervised by a trained professional. Read More

Fungus Among Us – Part II

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Fungus Among Us – Part II


MoldIn Part I of our article about fungus we spoke a lot about fungus contained in our food. In today’s edition we will look at external, non-food sources, of fungal exposure.

Of course, first thing that comes to mind is mold growing in our homes. Ever had a water leak? Overflowing toilet, washing machine or dishwasher? Read More

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