Beauty – More Than Skin Deep

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SkinBeauty –  More Than Skin Deep

Most of us know that transdermal creams and lotions are a very effective delivery system to transport active ingredients into our bodies. For example, hormone creams, such as progesterone, testosterone or estrogen creams are a great way to get those hormones to where they are needed. There are other examples as well, such as creams for pain. So we all know, that creams applied to our skin deliver great results. Why then do we ignore the fact that anything we put on our skin will be absorbed and transported into our bodies. This includes toxic cosmetics, skin,- and haircare. Read More

Value of Animal love

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Can a dog or cat bring serious cheers to your life?

cat and dog sleeping togetherAnimal love is important for humans. Pets such as cats and dogs can impact our lives in multifold ways, keeping us psychologically, physically and emotionally positive, active and healthy.


Here’s how:

They support us

It is specifically true for a family who is living alone, or a person who Read More

Relieve stress through drumming

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Relieve stress through drumming


DrummingAs much far-fetched as it may sound, drumming has been used as a therapeutic treatment for many centuries, and has been known to help boost the mental, spiritual and physical health of the people. In fact, this ancient technique has been used by many past civilizations, such as Mongolians, and even the Mayans. According to a research carried out in recent years, drumming actually does help the physical healing of the body, along with many other various benefits, some of which are as follows: Read More

Control Anxiety;Tools to calm your mind

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Control Anxiety; Tools to calm your mind

AnxietyMany times we start to lose control of our emotions. Due to our lives being so busy all the time, our brain begins to stress itself and makes us emotionally unstable, which can result in different mood swings, most of which are strongly related to anxiety and depression.

Anxiety can make it difficult for people to think clearly and address the issues properly. Sometimes the brain can also trigger overthinking, which may cause even further anxiety. This builds up into a viscous cycle, which causes disruption in our daily lives. Trying to suppress the anxiety would only make it worse. But there is a way to reduce or even get rid of anxiety Read More

Benefits of Energy healing (Reiki)

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Sending Reiki Healing EnergyThe benefits of Energy healing (Reiki) are profound. Nowadays, the life is fast, and so is the need to be focused and energized. In Japan, a form of natural healing was discovered, called “Reiki”, which can help you stay physically, mentally and spiritually fit. The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words “Rei” and “ki” which means higher intelligence and life force respectively. The life force is the force that keeps oneself alert and fresh all day long. It is the life force that helps one keep a balance in work and life and controls emotions and mood. On the other hand, if the life force is weak, the person feels tired all day and is also likely to get physical and mental diseases.

Reiki strengthens the life force and it also increases intelligence. There are many medicines available but Reiki is a natural solution to keep life force energized. Let’s have a look Read More

Do you suffer from Gluten Sensitivity?

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Do you suffer from Gluten Sensitivity?

FarroGluten, as most of us already know, is a protein that helps the dough to rise and have that peculiar elasticity. It is found in many staple foods of Western diet and is highly consumed by everybody. Sadly, a lot of people are inherently sensitive to this substance, meaning that their digestive system adversely reacts to food containing gluten. Gluten is a protein in wheat, barley, rye and oats.

Other related disorders are wheat allergy and celiac disease. It is crucial to note that gluten is the most important ingredient celiachiarelated to celiac disease. Both diseases have common symptoms like bloating, abdominal discomfort or pain, diarrhea, constipation, muscular disturbances, headaches, migraines, severe acne, fatigue and bone or joint pain.  The difference between celiac disease and wheat allergy is that celiac disease can cause severe intestinal damage.  Read More

Meditation for the mind

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Discipline for the body: Meditation for the mind

Yoga_LadyDiscipline is for the body while meditation is for the mind. Masters in the art of mortal combat often teaches the “mind over matter” techniques in order to achieve maximum potential. Your awareness, calm, and focus will increase through proper meditation. The subtle differences can mean victory or defeat in combat. Improper tuning of awareness causes a weak stance for the enemy to exploit. Entering combat with a clouded mind renders you impaired in making decisions whether to attack or defend. An anxious mind will result in an un-calmed body which wastes more energy than needed; you will have been defeated by your opponent even before the combat begins. This counts also for your everyday life; with a calm mind your progress improves fast with a troubled mind you stand still or reverse.

The Meditative Process
You may have heard it said that the human mind is like a computer – complex and processes a lot of information. Well that’s actually an understatement because in reality it is more powerful than any computer in the world and the key to unlocking this power is meditation. Here is a simple analogy about Read More

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