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New dietary guideline for using sugar

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New dietary guideline for using sugar


obese, dietFinally after the wait of 5 years, the US government released its latest dietary guidelines, which are basic guidelines compiled using research on nutrition from some of the most prestigious labs in America under supervision of the U.S. departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services.

This year, the US government has advised all US citizens to consume a constant amount of sugar each day, Read More

Value of Animal love

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Can a dog or cat bring serious cheers to your life?

cat and dog sleeping togetherAnimal love is important for humans. Pets such as cats and dogs can impact our lives in multifold ways, keeping us psychologically, physically and emotionally positive, active and healthy.


Here’s how:

They support us

It is specifically true for a family who is living alone, or a person who Read More

Are you having Thyroid problems?

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Exposure to EDCs (endocrine-disrupting chemicals) in daily household

Chemicals in detergentsPeople usually feel safe from all hurdles and chemical of the outside world in their homes. But have you wondered how safe you are at your home? How you are not prone to any chemicals that may cause severe damage to your health? Well, it is believed to be a myth by some people but we all are subject to that very problem in our everyday life and it is destroying our health bit by bit.

From detergents to food packaging, common household items may be exposing you and your family to chemical health hazards. Indoor environments are therefore increasingly understood as Read More

Can lack of sleep increase the chance of a cold?

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How can lack of sleep affect your health?

Flu season is coming up. How can you prepare yourself?

Flu and  Cold If put straight, cold could be one of the most common diseases that one could develop, and that too purely due to lack of sleep. A bad cold or flu can make you weak and tired and disturb your daily routine, that means not only the end to your day’s job, but also to fun activities you might have planned, meaning no clubs, no match nights and definitely no hangouts with friends.

You may develop cold due to several reasons; some of them include fever, weather change, and according to a recent study, even due low amount of sleep, which we are going to discuss further here. Read More

EFT Tapping and its benefits

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EFT Tapping – how it works and its benefits

EFT tapping pointsOver the past centuries, people have invented ways to bring relief and improvement in their lives. Many involve use of exotic techniques, which are still used today, and are one of the most effective healing treatments, such as acupuncture and acupressure. However, there is one new technique, which not only helps healing the physical state, but also the emotional state of a being. This new method is known as Emotional Freedom Techniques, or more commonly known as EFT Tapping. Read More

Relieve stress through drumming

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Relieve stress through drumming


DrummingAs much far-fetched as it may sound, drumming has been used as a therapeutic treatment for many centuries, and has been known to help boost the mental, spiritual and physical health of the people. In fact, this ancient technique has been used by many past civilizations, such as Mongolians, and even the Mayans. According to a research carried out in recent years, drumming actually does help the physical healing of the body, along with many other various benefits, some of which are as follows: Read More

Control Anxiety;Tools to calm your mind

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Control Anxiety; Tools to calm your mind

AnxietyMany times we start to lose control of our emotions. Due to our lives being so busy all the time, our brain begins to stress itself and makes us emotionally unstable, which can result in different mood swings, most of which are strongly related to anxiety and depression.

Anxiety can make it difficult for people to think clearly and address the issues properly. Sometimes the brain can also trigger overthinking, which may cause even further anxiety. This builds up into a viscous cycle, which causes disruption in our daily lives. Trying to suppress the anxiety would only make it worse. But there is a way to reduce or even get rid of anxiety Read More

Benefits of Energy healing (Reiki)

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Sending Reiki Healing EnergyThe benefits of Energy healing (Reiki) are profound. Nowadays, the life is fast, and so is the need to be focused and energized. In Japan, a form of natural healing was discovered, called “Reiki”, which can help you stay physically, mentally and spiritually fit. The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words “Rei” and “ki” which means higher intelligence and life force respectively. The life force is the force that keeps oneself alert and fresh all day long. It is the life force that helps one keep a balance in work and life and controls emotions and mood. On the other hand, if the life force is weak, the person feels tired all day and is also likely to get physical and mental diseases.

Reiki strengthens the life force and it also increases intelligence. There are many medicines available but Reiki is a natural solution to keep life force energized. Let’s have a look Read More

Attract good luck by using Feng Shui

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How to attract good luck by using Feng Shui?

feng_shui_baguaThis is the big question for most of us, how to attract good luck by using Feng Shui? Feng Shui, an ancient way of lifestyle that governs discipline and spatial arrangement which flows with energy (chi), can bring you good luck and satisfaction. This art form is adopted by millions of people globally who have testified that Feng Shui is not just a mystic ideology or philosophy, but a complete way of life although it does have a slight share of superstitions.

Feng Shui owns some elements of good luck that can readily change the way you see the world. It basically works by attracting positive chi and increasing your opportunities that dictate your luck. Let’s learn some general rules of thumb that you can easily practice to get lucky in daily life.

Simple Lifestyle Changes

Feng Shui is all about creating discipline and peace within and around you. If you fail to adhere to this basic principle, it would be next to impossible to attract good luck. Following are few Feng Shui musts at your home: Read More

What’s the best evening drink: tea or coffee?

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glass of hot tea with mint garnishEveryone enjoys a hot cup of goodness (Tea or coffee) in the evening, whether it is coffee or tea,  to freshen up the remaining half ofCup of coffee and cookies on the table. Vintage retro hipster st the day and invite the night with some warmth and comfort. While everyone has his/her own personal preferences when it comes down to brewing a favorite drink, science can help you decide which drink is healthier.

Statistics show that tea is sold almost twice as much as coffee annually. There are diverse reasons to love tea and coffee for their flavor, aroma and taste, but let’s get this straight: tea scores higher when it comes to health benefits and overall richness when compared to plain coffee. Below are some details Read More

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