The Soy Myth

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Soy has been touted as a health food for a long time now. A common argument you hear everywhere is that it must be healthy since Asians are slender and generally healthy, but is this true? How much soy and what preparation of soy do Asians consume most? Find out more in today’s article. Read More

Staying Fit Forever

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Staying Fit Forever


Senior man working with weights in gymSome retired people I know are staying fit forever by being engaged in various recreational activities such as laughing yoga, outdoor group exercises (i.e. dancing, aerobics, Tai-chi etc.), golf and many others; however, many just sit around at home and play with their laptops or tablets or even their smartphones. Online bingo has replaced traditional bingo’s due to the irresistible prizes that they give away, some of which are so extravagant that they’ll allow you to go to places like Disneyland, a round-trip ticket and pocket money!

While this all may seem good, it fails to address what happens to your overall health and well-being. Read More

Medical Science Revolutionized – Using Thermography to Detect Illnesses

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Medical Science Revolutionized – Using Thermography to Detect Illnesses


thermography-image-3Apparently efficiency works by using various techniques in order to root out the problem; for example farmers would use fertilizers and pesticides on top of their crop-cultivating methods to bring out the best harvest each year. The same is true when it comes to medical science and what could not be determined or identified through standard means; Read More

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