Health Benefits of Belly Dancing

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Health benefit of Belly Dancing

VionaBelly dance, additionally referred to as Raks Sharki, is a type of dance that a number of people are aware of, yet few comprehend the impacts it has on the human body. Numerous specialists say belly dancing is the most established type of dance since ancestral times. It is considered to be having originated from the ancient cultures of Mid-East and India.

Belly dance has an exceptionally useful impact on the dancer’s well being. Read More

Eat Real Food to Stay Healthy

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Eat Real Food

Healthy LifeMost people, especially women, are afraid of carbs but the reality of the situation is that you need about 1200 calories of carbohydrates each day for your regular activities. For people who are into sports or have an overactive lifestyle need up to 2000 calories a day. Well just because you’re already above 40, doesn’t mean you need to cut down on your carb intake. In fact you’ll need to maintain it at 1200 calories a day in order to get by and of course you’ll also need all the greens, fruits, dairy products and a little oil.

Take Olga Kotelko for example, she’s a retired schoolteacher from West Vancouver, Canada Senior couple running together on a track in a stadium.and she’s 94 years old and yet 17 years back when she was 77, she was still able to compete in the “masters” track and field competition, for participants age 35 and over! Nine years ago she got almost 20 world records in a single year and she was already 85 years old at that time, mind you. Today she can still do high jumps and long jumps and she’s even competitive at it sometimes.  Read More

The Quintessential Yoga

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The Quintessential Yoga

 Yoga ExerciseImbalance is the state of having unevenness in some points in life. This can be best illustrated in the day to day life experiences of people. In the growing and fast pace of life, people tend to be more accustomed to work and work and have a little time for leisure, play and exercise. The result is very obvious; people began to be prone to sickness and fatigue brought on by stress and other things related to work. The worst cases happens when their sicknesses brings them to the hospital. What a pity!

The good news is, every problem has a solution. The solution is to balance the activities of daily living. It means, Read More

The Magic of Your Subconscious Mind

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The Magic of Your Subconscious Mind


2013-10-10 01.00.57-webI am lining up at the natatorium to start my 250-meter swim, which is the beginning of a so-called sprint-triathlon in our hometown. I am towards the end of the line, start number 245, in between an older gentleman and a younger lady of Asian descent. Having to wait in line for at least one hour, we ended up being very nice conversation partners.  After my hike to the 19,200 ft. summit of Kilimanjaro just a month prior to this event, which gave the saying that “the sky is the limit” has a totally new meaning, I feel that this is going to be easy. I am sure I’ll have enough oxygen to do this swim, the 13-mile bike ride and 3 mile run. My start position was based on the time specified for the swim and the total time I entered when I registered. My previous race time was 1:42:00, so to challenge myself, I wrote down 1:39:00 as my estimated finish time. This is where the power of the subconscious mind comes in, but about that later.

After about 30 minutes I am finally at the front of the line Read More

Staying Fit Forever

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Staying Fit Forever


Senior man working with weights in gymSome retired people I know are staying fit forever by being engaged in various recreational activities such as laughing yoga, outdoor group exercises (i.e. dancing, aerobics, Tai-chi etc.), golf and many others; however, many just sit around at home and play with their laptops or tablets or even their smartphones. Online bingo has replaced traditional bingo’s due to the irresistible prizes that they give away, some of which are so extravagant that they’ll allow you to go to places like Disneyland, a round-trip ticket and pocket money!

While this all may seem good, it fails to address what happens to your overall health and well-being. Read More

Yoga, The Miracle of Mental Healing

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Yoga: The Miracle of Mental Healing

Yoga silhouette in temple

Almost everyone knows that Yoga came from India but they don’t know that it’s very old and some experts suggest that it began around 7 or 8000 B.C. Almost everybody is aware of the many healing and other benefits of Yoga but they don’t fully understand why it requires the person practicing it to quiet their minds. Yoga is Read More

Unbelievable Remedies for Peptic Ulcers

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Unbelievable Remedies for Peptic Ulcers


Stomach painPerhaps 2 out of every 10 people on the planet have had peptic ulcer or are still suffering from it; in fact, some of my friends in one time or another went through this ordeal in their lives. Gastric, peptic or duodenal ulcers are caused by over production of stomach acids that strips off your stomach lining and cause it to sore. While your body creates new stomach lining every 72 hours, the over production of gastric acids in your stomach could eat it away faster than what your body can produce under normal circumstances. There are actually OTC (over the counter) drugs that are used to cure stomach ulcers such as Rabeprazole which is a proton pump inhibitor Aluminum Hydroxide (an antacid medication) and many others. However, there are also some alternative duodenal ulcer treatment methods that are fairly effective even by most accepted medical standards. Read More

The Journey to the Infinite through Kundalini Yoga

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The Journey to the Infinite through Kundalini Yoga


Meditation-1Isn’t it ironic how we go about our daily lives, essentially having everything we need and want and yet miss out on life itself and question our purpose here on Earth? Church minister and author Rick Warren wrote an elaborate reason why God has put us here on Earth and was quite eloquent about it in his book The Purpose Driven Life. However, when his son died a couple of months ago of apparent suicide, Read More

Aromatherapy before Meditation

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Aromatherapy before Meditation

Meditation-5Lately a lot of medical research centers, colleges and universities have published ground-breaking discoveries on the benefits of “Mindfulness Meditation,” “Transcendental Meditation” or just plain old “Meditation.” It’s funny how experts on eastern medicine simply shrugged off this news and said that western science is merely confirming what eastern philosophy has already discovered thousands of years ago. Read More

How mindfulness meditation and Yoga can help with PTSD

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Mindfulness, Meditation and PTSD 

trafficStress is inevitable and unavoidable. No matter how we look at it, stress is a part of our daily lives. Traffic, noise, pollution, work, family and loved ones are considered the common stressors we encounter every day. The way we handle and face all the stress is really important and essential because it is detrimental to our coping process as an individual, no matter how big or small it is. But not all people encounter only the common stressors mentioned above.  Some have experienced traumatic events in their lives which employ a big impact on them.

According to, Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to any event that result in psychological trauma.

Examples of traumatic events are:  Read More

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