Amanda St Germain-Sehr (940) 783-0870
Kathryn Arrington (940) 390-5123
Margaret Tavis (940) 231 9886
Mark Michalica (940) 484-6275
Noelle St Germain-Sehr (940) 765-2297
Ronald Arrington (940-600-8727)
Sue Legacy (512-496-6700)

Counselors provide professional mental health services to individuals and groups through application of psychological and developmental principles to address emotional and mental challenges of living.

They  approach counseling as a mutual endeavor involving a genuine relationship between client and therapist. We take a holistic approach to counseling that focuses on the client as a whole person – integrating body, mind, and spirit. Our focus is on providing a supportive environment to promote clients’ exploration of meaning in their lives, recognizing that clients exist as both an individual and in relationship with others.