David Brochstein


David is a natural medicine internist who specializes in both resolving chronic health conditions and the development of flourishing wellness, which David sees very much as two sides of the same thing. He engages with his work in a clear, consistent, and detailed manner not commonly found in professional medical practice.

As a licensed doctor of Oriental medicine his work involves a foundation of three parts:

1 – internal treatment through herbal medicine and diet refinement

2 – external treatment via acupuncture and related physical treatments

3 – strategic case management which includes a holistic understanding of all life influences that support the condition or prevent/slow its resolution.

David believes from long experience that a client’s understanding of his or her condition — where it comes from, and how to prevent its return — is key.  Therefore, patient education is an integral part of his practice, and clients have repeatedly voiced appreciation for this.

For those who have suffered enough and are ready to change the inner workings of their health experience, David is a skilled, experienced, and adaptable holistic practitioner.  His interest in his clients’ wellbeing shines through detailed and foresightful work with customized treatments entirely unique to each case’s needs.

If you are considering whether this approach is right for you, David offers 30 minute cost-free consultation so questions may be answered more specifically relating to possible treatment paths.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to inquire or visit Dr. David’s website here: http://dbacu.com