Peanut allergy - dowsingDowsing for Health with the use of your Pendulum

Learning to dowse is like learning to play a musical instrument or learning to type, it requires carefully controlled instruction and practice. Basic dowsing pendulum consists of a weight suspended on a flexible string, chain, etc. It could be made out of metal, wood, crystal or any material.

How does it work?

One theory is that our subconscious mind has access, either directly or through our higher self, to the information normally not available to our senses. Dowsing pendulum or divining rod in our hands acts like an indicator of the changes in the vibration field of our environment.

In this workshop, you will learn, through the use of a pendulum, where your energy field is blocked and how to discover your own energy field as well as that of others. The more we understand about what is going on energetically, behind the scenes in life, the more we can take charge of the process. Dowsing can be a powerful tool to explore the world of subtle energies and to understand how we are intimately tied to these energies. Dowsing can also be used for finding lost objects and/or what kind of food will be good for your health.

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Fee: $10 | Dates: September 19 from 7-8:30 Pm