Benefits of using EFT for stress

Now that the holidays are coming up, the stress level is rising among people. If you are one of them you might like to read this or make an appointment with out practitioner Bill Barnhill

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, also known simply as tapping, can provide amazing opportunities to expand the boundaries that limit you from living joyously. EFT is simply stated the process of tapping on the bodies’ meridian or acupressure points while tuning in to a specific emotion or physical symptom to systematically reduce or eliminate the symptoms present in the body and consciousness. The process works amazingly quick and isgreatly effective for a variety of things.

People who tap on a regular basis are likely to receive a long list of health benefits even if these specific issues aren’t directly addressed with tapping. Some of these may include regulated blood pressure, decrease in pain symptoms, weight loss, decrease in depression and anxiety, healthier sleep habits, increase in confidence and self-esteem, a growing sense of optimism, lower stress levels, quicker recovery from illness and so much more. Unlike some of the other energy based treatments that are effective, but not do-able by oneself, EFT is an easy to learn process that is non-invasive and can be done at home.

A practitioner can help guide where difficult issues arise or exist and can often move the process along quicker as they can see patterns andEFT tapping points intuit the root cause of the ailment that the client may not see, but they also exist to empower you to tap on your own.  This is especially helpful in pain management. A person who suffers from back pain on a day to day basis can easily use the tapping process at home to alleviate the pain. More importantly once the root cause of the pain is discovered with the tapping process, many people report that their pain subsides long term if not entirely. While studies that show the efficacy of EFT and pain management are still being done, the overwhelming amount of reports by people within the EFT community that have seen physical symptoms diminish is vast. A quick visit to the EFTUniverse website will bring up plenty of articles on this subject and other resources for the beginner to EFT as well as the more advanced tapper.

Among the other things tapping can address are weight loss, anxiety and depression, PTSD (visit the Veterans Stress Project the see the work done on this), allergy relief, performance enhancement, phobias, addictions and cravings, behavior change, and relationship issues. Bill BarnhillWorking with a practitioner can help you shift these issues with empathy and compassion and teach you how to tap at home. You don’t have to suffer, there is a way out.

Bill Barnhill is our EFT practitioner at Shambhala Wellness Center. He enjoys working with clients and using empathy, compassion and intuition to guide them through a session and find the quickest possible route to their healing.


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