Let’s talk about the “C” word, Part II

By September 12, 2016Nutrition, Prevention

sugarLet’s talk about the “C” word, Part II

In our previous post we talked about the many factors in our foods that help protect us against cancer and the importance of consuming food that is non-processed, farmed organically and, in the case of animals, from grass-fed animals. Let’s now look at the foods we should avoid as much as possible.
Refined carbohydrates: Let me spell it out: SUGAR FEEDS CANCER, end of story. This group includes sugar, high fructose corn syrup, agave syrup and white flour, just to name a few. The body uses up valuable nutrients to be able to process refined carbohydrates. If you have cancer you must stop eating these immediately.

Artificial flavors and colors: Associated with various types of cancers, especially when consumed in large amounts found in diet and junk foods.

Hormones: Found in animals raised in confinement on soy and grains.

Aspartame: Imitation sweeteners in diet foods and beverages. Associated with brain cancer.

MSG: Found in many processed foods, even when it is not listed on label, such as flavorings, spice mixes, hydrolyzed protein. Associated with brain cancer.

Trans Fatty Acids: Imitation fats in shortenings, margarines, commercial baked goods and snack foods. Associated with cancer of the lungs and reproductive organs.

Rancid Fats: Industrial processing creates rancidity (free radicals) in commercial vegetable oils.

Omega-6 Fatty Acids: The body needs small amounts of this fat, but levels in excess can contribute to cancer. Found in vegetable oils, including corn oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, shortening and margarine.

Pesticides: Found in fruit, vegetables, fruit juices, vegetable oils and many other places. Buy organic whenever possible.

In closing, avoiding the foods contained in this list and including the one’s from our previous post, lowers the chances of us getting cancer and can improve the outcome of those already suffering from cancer, whether the patient is using conventional or alternative treatments.

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