Ron Arrington

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Ronald Arrington, MS, LCDC

Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor
(940) 600-8727

“I believe the difficulties associated with managing chronic illness are more than what most of us can manage, acting alone. Diabetes is usually managed best when working with a nutritionist, a primary care doctor, an ophthalmologist, pharmacist, lab personnel, family support, and of course an involved and informed patient. Even with a competent, professional team it is an extremely difficult disease to manage. In my view, the similarities in treating diabetes and treating addictive disorders are remarkable; few of us can go it alone.

My training and experience with countless clients over the past 36 years have taught me that with the right combination of motivation, plus family, peer, and professional support, the “dis-ease” of addiction can be treated successfully. Recovery can lead to greater joy, serenity, and intimacy than any of us thought possible during the active phase of this illness.

My approach to therapy is an artful combination of: thorough assessment, motivational interviewing, and expressive, experiential, and cognitive therapies. I believe that professional treatment works best in tandem with 12 step recovery programs. My intention is to meet clients where they are in their journey, with compassion, empathy and a deep understanding of addiction and family dynamics.”

Ron obtained a master’s degree in Addiction Studies in 1979 from the University of Arizona. He was part of a small team that created and implemented the sexual recovery program at Sierra Tucson, a major addictions treatment center in Arizona, where he served as that program’s director, and later as Sierra Tucson’s assistant clinical director. For the past nine years he worked as Clinical Director at Sante’ Center for Healing in Argyle, TX, one of the nation’s leading addictions treatment centers.

He has facilitated trauma groups for women, intensive workshops for men, and chemical and process addiction recovery groups for professionals. He will soon formalize his considerable and long-standing expertise in sexual addiction treatment with currently available certification. He is a Certified Equine Psychotherapist and a trained and experienced practitioner of EMDR. Ron is available for individual and group counseling.