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 Yoga ExerciseImbalance is the state of having unevenness in some points in life. This can be best illustrated in the day to day life experiences of people. In the growing and fast pace of life, people tend to be more accustomed to work and work and have a little time for leisure, play and exercise. The result is very obvious; people began to be prone to sickness and fatigue brought on by stress and other things related to work. The worst cases happens when their sicknesses brings them to the hospital. What a pity!

The good news is, every problem has a solution. The solution is to balance the activities of daily living. It means,  a person should know when to stop working, a person should know how to divert attention, and most of all a person should know how to simply relieve stress and fatigue. The market or the world of health and alternative science has a lot to offer when it comes down to relieving and reducing stress. They promised good results but the problem remains when it comes to sustainability, then it fails. People go back to square one, looking for the best stress reliever that is cost efficient, easy to do and effective sustainability.

Research gives an alternative, traditional way of doing these things. It has been proven effective because as an alternative DSC_3355
way, it has been there side by side with medical science. It is also efficient because as a traditional way, it has been used from generations to generations. Yes, I am speaking, referring to Yoga. Yoga is a form of exercise that involves the mind and body through stretching, controlled breathing and relaxation. Accordingly, it helps reduce stress and to some extent remove it. It has medical benefits as well. Researches would tell us that it lowers blood pressure and improves the function of the heart and everybody can do it.

If stress is eating your life, you might want to hit the mat and practice it. But you need to make a decision to really continue otherwise you will go back to square one. Before making a decision please consider the following.

1.    You need to understand what you are about to do. Understanding yoga will enables you to appreciate it and enjoy it. Yoga is considered an alternative or complementary medicine practice involving both the mind and body. Why? Because it brings together the physical and mental factors to achieve calmness and serenity of the body and mind as it helps to relax muscles, reduce stress and removes anxiety. It has a lot of styles, a lot of forms and in different intensities. For example, one form of yoga called the Hatha yoga is an effective choice for stress management. It suits the newbies for its slower pace and easy body movements. Nevertheless, people can make the most of any style or form.

2.    You need to familiarize the techniques and components to be used. An understanding of the techniques and Yogacomponents will enable you to prepare yourself whether you can be able to follow through or not. Yoga techniques are unique in the sense that it follows the person’s preferences. Techniques evidently used are poses and breathing. Poses or postures as some calls it are series of movements which are carefully planned and developed to increase muscle strength and flexibility. It involves lying on the floor and at the same time stretching and relaxing into difficult postures, reaching to a maximum physical stretching. Breathing is a very basic component. It is not just simple breathing but it employs controlling your breath because it signifies your vital energy. If you learn to control your breathing it means, you can also control your body easily and then you can control your mind, relieving stress.

3.    You need to understand that benefits can be achieved through discipline. If you practice yoga you are bringing yourself to a potential to enjoy all the benefits accompanying it. Stress will be reduced as studies shows because it enhances the mood of individuals. It can also develop fitness because it is a form of exercise. Chronic diseases can be alleviated and risks being reduced. All of these can be achieved through discipline. It teaches a person to discipline himself for utmost potential for effective and efficient benefits. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you want cost effective stress reliever, try yoga. If you want to do it anytime, anywhere, practice yoga. If you want that to happen now, start now and start right. Be disciplined! Yoga is everyone and everything.

We are offering several new Yoga classes this year, including Senior Yoga.

Johanna Oosterwijk

Johanna Oosterwijk ND




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