Health Benefits of Belly Dancing

Health benefit of Belly Dancing

VionaBelly dance, additionally referred to as Raks Sharki, is a type of dance that a number of people are aware of, yet few comprehend the impacts it has on the human body. Numerous specialists say belly dancing is the most established type of dance since ancestral times. It is considered to be having originated from the ancient cultures of Mid-East and India.

Belly dance has an exceptionally useful impact on the dancer’s well being.It depends on developments that fall into place for the human body. There are plenty of medical advantages for anyone who practices this type of dancing, such as the ones provided below:

Muscle toning and posture improvement

Belly moving is an awesome approach to enhance your general physical wellness as it delicately firms and tones all significant muscle bunches, and particularly abs, upper back, arms, thighs and hips. It includes neck and arms movements, serpentine head, and, in addition, stomach undulations and hip seclusions, shimmies and rotations.

In any case, the best thing about this marvellous dance is that it shows you to adjust your body and to disengage distinctive muscle bunches, keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish round developments.

Weight loss and exercise

belly dancer womanBelly dancing can essentially prove to be the best and the most effective way of losing your weight and making your body more slim and sexy. According to specialists, belly dance can burn up to 350 calories per hour. This estimated rate will obviously vary with your routine.

The more you practice physical exercise and combined with the best nutritional diet and sensible eating, this type of dancing can help you lose tons of weight with just a little hard work and practice. Many physiologists recommend doing belly dance with regular aerobic exercise and workout to keep your body in a good nick.

Mental relaxation and soothing

Nowadays, the daily life problems and tensions have made us live robots looking for a way out from the stressful daily routine. Propelled by undulating Middle Eastern songs, belly dance comprises of influencing, liquid and monotonous developments that can impel a condition of mental calmness and lessen the development of routine stress.

Concerning self-confidence, belly dancing will offer you some assistance with appreciating and loving your body. In the event that you have attractive bends and a couple of additional pounds, belly dancing will show you to adore them as exceptionally exotic elements of your body.


As discussed earlier, belly dancing help improve muscle movements and builds up the muscles involved in moving your hips round and round. This type of physical exercise can essentially build up your post-natal muscles. These are the main muscles that are involved in the childbirth and delivery.

To make this experience easy and less painful, many physical trainers recommend pregnant mothers pelvic muscle practice in order to make them strong. Belly dance encourages muscle development in the lower abdominal region and ladies who desire a regular labour, this type of activity and dancing can help them a lot.

All in all, belly dance can help women maintain their sexy looks and appearances. This cultural dance can help you make most out of your body and it surely will bring a factor of self-confidence and belief in yourself.

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Johanna Oosterwijk ND

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