In the News: MTHFR Gene Mutation Demystified

By October 17, 2016Health, Nutrition, Thermography

mh900390131Our bodies are truly wonderfully made. Still to this day scientists are finding new facts about how our bodies work. And there is so much more to learn. One of the newer discoveries getting a lot of attention in traditional and alternative medicine circles has been the mutation of the MTHFR gene and its effects on our health. MTHFR is an enzyme necessary for an important metabolic process called methylation. It is this process that converts folate and folic acid into an active form the body can use. The MTHFR gene produces this enzyme, but a genetic mutation can inhibit its function. It is estimated that as many as 60% of the population have this mutation, some of them will never know it and will live a healthy life without symptoms. However, many of them will suffer the consequences from this defect showing itself through the following, non-specific health issues:

High levels of homocysteine –  Longstanding gastro-intestinal issues – Miscarriage – Autoimmune Disease –  Depression and Anxiety

Folate Deficiency – Cardiovascular disease – Hypothyroidism – Detoxification Problems and Cancer (specifically breast cancer, gastric cancers, testicular and prostate cancer)

Now to the good news: Detection and Treatment!

All that is needed to find out if you have this issue is to have your doctor order a blood test. It will be a YES or NO answer. If it turns out that you have this gene mutation it is fairly easy to treat by following a specific diet and to take a folic acid supplement in the active form of 5-MTHF or L-Methylfolate. The diet consists of eliminating gluten, sugar, dairy and soy and trying to eat a diet rich in antioxidant containing fruits and vegetables and natural folate sources like dark, leafy greens and lentils. In addition to the diet it is recommended that you get adequate sleep, manage stress, limit your exposure to toxins as much as possible and detoxify your body and all organs regularly. Do you want to know more about the toxic load your body is carrying? A simple way is to get a Thermogram, which will provide you with this information and much more!

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