HypnoCoaching by Johanna

staff_johannaIf you’ve ever had the frustrating experience of feeling stuck or fighting with yourself, you have tried everything but nothing is working? Maybe it’s time to work with the powerful tools in HypnoCoaching. This is a combination of coaching and hypnotherapy.

I think of myself as a companion on the journey, a partner in healing, and I approach that role with compassion and non-judgment. I bring to you my deepest listening skills and presence, and I trust in your own healing process. After an initial assessment and planning session, for most clients, coaching can take as little as 30 minutes a week, usually no more than 6 weeks.

Practitioner; Johanna Oosterwijk (940) 380-8728

Life Coaching at Shambhala Wellness

“Today I am writing to share of my recent experience in working with Johanna as my personal life coach. During a period of five weeks, Johanna has guided me through the processing of clearing out old emotions and beliefs from my past. She has guided me through processing grief from the many losses in my life. The time with her has been life changing. My friends and family have noticed a difference in my spirit following my work with her. These are changes that are happening on the inside and resonating to the outside. My experience has been positive, uplifting and challenging. Johanna offers steps to overcome. She shares of her own personal struggles and humanness. I found this to be quite healing and comforting. I have dreams of writing a book. Johanna is helping me outline the process and a time line. The work is powerful, enlightening and life changing. If you are truly ready to make a change in your life, stop by the center today. Best of Luck and Peace be with you,”

Brandi J. Waits


“Thank you, Johanna for your positive loving support and encouragement. I really appreciate your vast experience and your wisdom. I have learnt so much from our sessions together. I highly recommend hypno-coaching, as it is a Life-Changing experience. I am amazed at how quickly things are falling into place for me – I now have a clear direction and it’s all happening effortlessly and easily. Thank you for keeping me focused on my goals. Everyone would benefit from having hypno-coaching with you, I feel fortunate to have had this great opportunity.”


“I have know Johanna for many years and her coaching services and time spent working on a one-on-one basis is the best that I’ve experienced. She is extremely educated and balanced in her field. Her personality and life experiences help the client to relax and feel safe to dig deeper into their internal psyche with tremendous results. Johanna’s dedication to enhancing personal growth is unmatched. I would recommend that everyone willing to unleash their inner potential take a journey with Johanna to begin to enjoy life and live it to the fullest!”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Evelyn Harman
Business Consultant

“Prior to my first session with Johanna, I was hardly able to get up out of bed because I just felt so down and hopeless. While working with her over the past weeks, I’ve been able to move past the fears and limitations I’ve put on myself and have begun to experience the beauty and joy that life has to offer. Our sessions kept me accountable and enabled me to take action on tough issues that I’d shoved aside and ignored. The way I see myself has greatly improved, providing a stable base of health self-confidence. Johanna’s direct approach helped me deal with many issues that were holding me back and I’m forever grateful for the improvements we made in our time together. I’ve learned things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life!”

Natalie Weaver


Hypnotherapy services are not a replacement for psychological evaluation or treatment. Any continuing mental illness after hypnosis by a clinical hypnotherapist should be treated by a psychologist licensed by the State Of Texas