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Why Sunshine should be a Part of your Healthy Lifestyle

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Sunshine has gotten a bad rep lately. We are told that exposure can cause skin cancer and skin ageing and is best avoided or kept to a minimum, but did…

How Sugar Effects Your Brain

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By now nearly everyone has heard that sugar is something that should be limited as much as possible, but it bears repeating and more and more recent research is confirming…

Fungus Among Us – Part II

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Fungus Among Us – Part II   In Part I of our article about fungus we spoke a lot about fungus contained in our food. In today’s edition we will…

Shambhala” means: A place of Peace, Tranquility and Happiness.

This is exactly what we like to achieve at our center which is located in Denton, Texas. Shambhala Wellness concentrates on a number of different Alternative modalities which can raise the level of wellness you’re able to experience in your life. We believe that being surrounded by beautiful art from local artists enhances the total wellness experience.

Please visit our services pages to see some of these modalities and our staff pages to meet and contact our onsite specialists that can help to enhance your well being. In 2013 we added another 1800 sq ft of space in the back with additional services.