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losing weight in your sleep?

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Can you lose weight with a good night’s sleep Consider two people, having the same amount of work to do each day, doing the same amount of exercise, and having…

Benefits of using EFT for stress

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EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, also known simply as tapping, can provide amazing opportunities to expand the boundaries that limit you from living joyously. EFT is simply stated the process of…

Beauty – More Than Skin Deep

| Depression, Life/Wellness Coaching, Stress Management, Techniques | No Comments

Beauty –  More Than Skin Deep Most of us know that transdermal creams and lotions are a very effective delivery system to transport active ingredients into our bodies. For example,…

Shambhala” means: A place of Peace, Tranquility and Happiness.

This is exactly what we like to achieve at our center which is located in Denton, Texas. Shambhala Wellness concentrates on a number of different Alternative modalities which can raise the level of wellness you’re able to experience in your life. We believe that being surrounded by beautiful art from local artists enhances the total wellness experience.

Please visit our services pages to see some of these modalities and our staff pages to meet and contact our onsite specialists that can help to enhance your well being. In 2013 we added another 1800 sq ft of space in the back with additional services.